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The Round Barn

"Suzi Wizowaty's spare and beautiful first novel is as elegant and finely wrought as (yes) a round barn. It is a delightful homage to a New England in transition, and to the people who live there-–a Winesburg, Ohio for Vermont."

--Chris Bohjalian, author of The Buffalo Soldier and Midwives

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"[An] accomplished first novel… full of sympathetic, diverse personalities and their very human stories, engagingly told in their separate voices… Wizowaty is clearly an author to watch.” Vermont Sunday Magazine

"[A novel] as rich in characters and psychological intrigue as it is lacking in surface gloss.” --Seven Days Newspaper

“The characters’ stories are heartfelt and masterfully woven together. Wizowaty is [an] author to watch with keen insights into human nature. A great book group selection.” --Pig-Tales: Book Reviews from the Award-Winning Flying Pig Bookstore

“One of the pleasures of The Round Barn is in its insistence on not favouring any particular lust or love, but exploring all equally. The heart’s truth is this writer’s compass. Wherever it points for each character, she follows.” --XTRA! (Toronto weekly)