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A Tour of Evil
There is something creepy about the cathedral in which 11-year-old Alma takes refuge, after discovering her new foster family has abandoned her. Why does the tour guide look at her so strangely? And who is that scruffy old crazy man who keeps appearing out of nowhere?

And what has happened to the ten local children who are missing?

In this novel for children aged 9 and older, Alma joins forces with four others who are searching for missing children, only to find her life in danger.

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Suzi's Books

The Return of Jason Green
(Fomite Press, 2014, paperback, $15.)
When Jason Green was ten, he saw his best friend die in a camping accident. Now 18, Jason re-enters the lives of his friend's parents and their gay next-door neighbor, seeking to apprentice himself to his friend's father, who teaches philosophy. This is an adult novel about friendship and betrayal, love and desire, guilt and redemption.

The Round Barn
(Hardscrabble Books, University Press of New England, 2002. Hardcover $24.95; paperback, $14.95) A BookSense 76 pick.

“Imagine Virginia Woolf taking up residence in the new Vermont, and you begin to apprehend the delicious tensions that vibrate through The Round Barn. This book is--boldly and usefully--about sex, art, madness and death.” --Carolyn Cooke, author of The Bostons

“A refreshingly diverse and ingenious pattern of human experience is contained within Suzi Wizowaty’s The Round Barn. This novel makes passionate sense of the old and the new Vermont.” --David Huddle, author of Story of a Million Years and La Tour Dreams of the Wolf Girl

A Tour of Evil
(Philomel, 2005, now out of print. Hardcover, $10.99. Available by writing the author directly at 177 Locust Terrace, Burlington, VT 05401)

For ages 9 and up.


Adult Fiction
Published by Fomite Press in Oct., 2014.
"An unashamedly intelligent odyssey into what makes life worth living." --Times Argus (Montpelier, Vt.)
Children's Fiction
"Richly imagined... a quiet novel that teeters on the edge of horror." --Booklist